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Smart Log Splitter - How to use
  • Get a base log, using the 20mm Drill bit supplied, drill a hole of at least 12cm deep and 8cm from the edge of your base log

  • Place the guide rod securely into the hole, then place over the guide rod the 1 metal washer, the rubber washer and then the other metal washer. Tighten the bolt so that the guide rod is tight.

  • Lift the handle of the Smart splitters cutting wedge and place your log into position under the cutting wedge.

  • Lift the striking weight with both hands and drop it slightly onto the splitting wedge so that the wedge is slightly embedded into the log.

  • Lift the striking weight to the top of the striking rod. With both hands, throw the striking weight down towards the log, making sure you let go of the striking weight before it hits the log. Repeat this until the log has split.

  • If you wish to cut kindling then place your wood / split logs under the splinting edge and again with both hands firmly on the striking weight thrown down the weight, ensuring you have let go of the weight before it hits the wedge.

If you have seen the Smart Log Splitter in action live at some of the many exhibitions we visit, you will have seen that this is an innovation in manual log splitting. No more swinging that heavy axe, no more having to use wedges to and hammers to break those wide knotty logs. The Smart Log Splitter is so easy to set up and use its fast becoming one of the best selling log splitters worldwide. What's more we are so confident of our product we offer a no quibble 2 year guarantee.

Smart, Ergonomic, Effective, Economical, Enviromental

The Smart Splitter, easy to use and set up

Smart Log Splitter

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